Success comes with hard work, but a little luck wouldn’t hurt. The Year of the Earth Dog is said to be a friendly one, particularly for those whose signs are companionable to canines. If you have a business or are thinking of starting one, make the best of what the year has to offer with these luck-enhancing tips.

1. Look into these auspicious businesses

In an interview, feng shui expert Johnson Chua said that opportunities abound in businesses that involve “earth,” such as real estate and construction. It’s easy come, easy go, however, so don’t be reckless; he advised being selective about the baskets you choose to put your eggs in.

Other businesses that may bring good luck this year are those involving food or beauty, revealed feng shui master Hanz Chua in a separate interview. Online businesses may also be lucrative, he said, but he cautioned against launching them in August or November.

2. Use feng shui on your work space

Your place of business should be kept neat and orderly, so make sure to sweep out dust with a new broom before the New Year. (It’s considered bad luck to do it on the day itself—you don’t want to sweep out all the good fortune coming in.) Feng shui consultant Susan Levitt says one-third of business success is good feng shui at the entrance, so make it well lit and inviting, with spiffed-up signage if you notice that it’s fading.

A theme of every new year is out with the old and in with the new—but it’s hard to welcome good fortune when you’ve got clutter in the way. This year, train yourself to maintain a clean workspace. Levitt says to create the habit of tidying up before leaving the office, so you’re met with a tranquil environment each time you come in. (A co-working space gives office-less entrepreneurs the advantage of a neat work area every time.)

3. Bring in some lucky charms

Cua’s picks for feng shui items include the wealth-inviting cat and the prosperity pig (particularly for those born in the year of the tiger, rabbit, or sheep, but not for those born in the year of the snake). You can also attract abundance with a wealth bowl, containing Chinese coins and other elements of prosperity. Not into ornaments and trinkets? Bringing plants into your work space can likewise increase abundance, according to Levitt. Her recommendations include aglaonema, crassula ovata (jade plant), and orchids with round leaves. (Spiky leaves are a no-no this year, so you might want to ditch your cacti.) Whatever plant you choose, make sure you keep it healthy year-round, and replace it if it starts to wither.