Starting a business is not for the faint of heart, and many budding entrepreneurs need a little encouragement from time to time.

These five people can motivate and inspire you to keep going when that cup of coffee just isn’t doing it.

Beth Kirby (@local_milk on Instagram  / localmilk.com)

A stylist, photographer, and recipe developer, Beth Kirby often uses her life as an example of how anything is possible. In her late 20s, she was divorced, had struggled with alcohol, and had no degree and no career. And then she figured out what she wanted to do with her life and went for it, building a brand over the course of five years. Today, she has nearly 800,000 followers on Instagram, who ooh and ahh over her rustic, homey photographs. Her creative pursuits led to L | M Retreats, which allows her to share her knowledge of photography and styling in various locations from Morocco to Japan. Beth espouses “the art of slow living,” of doing what you’re passionate about while living the life you love. She spends part of her year in the U.S., Paris, and Japan with her husband and their daughter—the kind of life plenty of people would love to sign up for.

Tim Ferriss (@tferriss on Twitter; tim.blog)

Tim Ferriss is the author of The 4-Hour Workweek, a bestselling book that serves as a bible for many office workers-turned-entrepreneurs. In each episode of his wildly popular podcast, Tim interviews world-class performers in diverse areas, from sports to business to art, to learn more about the habits and tactics—morning routines, life lessons—that have helped them succeed. He’s had guests like rock star businessman Richard Branson, life coach Tony Robbins, highest-earning female athlete Maria Sharapova, and actor and artist Terry Crews (a particularly entertaining episode). Love him or hate him, there’s no denying his reach—his podcast has had a staggering 200 million downloads.

Jenna Kutcher (@jennakutcher on Instagram; jennakutcherblog.com)

Jenna Kutcher often writes about how she used to work a regular job before buying a second-hand camera, quitting her job, and becoming a wedding photographer. She now makes six figures capturing couples’ precious moments, hosting the #goaldigger podcast, and helping fellow entrepreneurs leverage Instagram to get the clients they want. The full-figured photog is also a virtual poster child for body positivity after recently going viral—she had a powerful response to someone who questioned how “someone like her” could end up with her husband, a health and fitness coach. In her feed, she shares her work, her life at home, their dreamy Hawaii property, and her struggles with miscarriage, always with a message of optimism and encouragement.

James Clear (@james_clear on Twitter; jamesclear.com)

James Clear uses extensive research to help readers manage time and stay motivated and productive. His main goal is to try and answer the question: How can we live better? His blog posts are full of practical tips, backed by science, to help you save time, build better habits, and become more efficient. In one post about productivity, for example, he outlines seven ways to boost productivity each day: 1) manage your energy, not your time (there is no one size-fits all when it comes to a daily routine), 2) prepare the night before (it will save you hours the next day), 3) don’t open email until noon, 4) turn your phone off and leave it in another room, 5) work in a cool place (an air-conditioned co-working space can help you focus), 6) sit up or stand up (posture can help improve breathing, which in turn can help improve focus), and 7) develop a “pre-game routine” to start your day.

Arriane Serafico (@arrianeserafico on Instagram; arrianeserafico.com/home)

Arriane Serafico’s elevator pitch goes, “I teach classes on creativity, business, and design thinking for a community of Why-Driven women.” The Manila-based brand and digital strategist helps creatives by arming them with the tools to let go of the fear and turn their passion into profit. Aside from holding e-classes and offering consultations, she also has a weekly newsletter with stories and advice for finding one’s purpose while making a living from it.

Bonus: Launchpad Coworking (@launchpadcoworkingph on Instagram; launchpadcowrokingph.com)

Launchpad Coworking not only gives you a conducive place to work but also enables you to connect and collaborate with a community of fellow entrepreneurs and freelancers. Follow Launchpad Coworking to get the latest news, announcements, and offers from this coworking space. Stay updated on events that can help you expand your network, generate more ideas, and move your business forward.