The holiday season is upon us! “Christmas in Our Hearts” has been getting major airplay in malls nationwide since September, but have you started ticking off the boxes on your Christmas lists? We put together a few ideas on what you can give your co-workers this holiday season. Intentional gifts that aren’t just stocking stuffers but actual things your colleague will use well after the holidays are over.

For the eco-conscious

Got a co-worker who has sworn off single-use plastic for life? Or maybe someone you’d like to nudge in the right direction? Gift them with a Zero-Waste Starter Kit from Sip PH for all the essentials they’ll need: a tumbler, reusable utensils and straws, plus a handy baunan. They’re also sold separately, in case your zero-waste advocate officemate already has some in their possession.

For the sweet tooth

They’re the person who will always leave room for dessert after a team lunch. They’ll sneak in a coffee break as long as there’s a promise of doughnuts or pastries to go along with it. Get them something from bean-to-bar brand Auro Chocolate. They just won the International Cocoa Awards of the Cocoa of Excellence by the way! What could be better than award-winning chocolate?

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Turn gift-giving into a sweet celebration ✨🎁 Our ALL-NEW Heritage Collection Gift Package celebrates the flavors of the Philippines in the most subtle, but delectable ways. Discover local cashews, banana chips, cacao nibs and arabica coffee in each bar — and bring delight to both your neighbors and friends all over the world! . The Heritage Collection includes five (5) 27g bars : . 🍫55% Dark Chocolate with Arabica Coffee . 🍫64% Dark Chocolate with Cacao Nibs . 🍫32% Roasted White Chocolate with Cashews . 🍫42% Milk Chocolate with Cacao Nibs . 🍫42% Milk Chocolate with Banana Chips . . . #auro #aurochocolate #beantobar #beantobarchocolatemaker #singleorigin #singleorigincacao #philippines #proudlyfilipino #davao #cacao #gift

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For the one who’s always extra

There’s that one colleague who always loves to accessorize and add just the right punch to their outfit. Why don’t you gift them something fun to slip into when it’s time to clock out? These handcrafted slides from The Loom Project are not only stylish, they’re also committed to making the woven industry sustainable. All of the brand’s profits go towards donating looms to weaving communities who need it the most. They’ve donated 8 looms so far!

For the neat freak

Your co-worker who’s always at the ready with their hand sanitizer and freaks out at the sight of anything messy can never have enough of things to clean with. Get them a bottle or two of liquid soap from Ritual. The great thing is once they run out, they can head over to the store and get it refilled for a fraction of the cost!

For the one who’s always caffeinated

Help your coffee-obsessed officemate curb their coffee spending by encouraging them to make coffee at home. The Dream Coffee’s 100% Single Estate Arabica from T’boli farmers can be ordered as whole beans or ground ready for brewing. They also allow for customization perfect for your gifting needs.

For the one who’s obsessed with skin care

Chok-chok? Glass skin? Surely, you’ve heard your skin care-obsessed co-worker utter these terms at least once. Give them the gift of a spa-in-a-box with this 4-Step Nightly Assist from Bloom & Topiary. They’re travel-friendly and just the right size for someone who’s trying out a product for the first time. They’re also packaged in glass bottles so you’re also protecting the planet.

For the snacker

Never without food in their backpack, this is the co-worker who will always show up at work with so much baon. They’re always worried they’ll get hungry before mealtime, so they come prepared. Add to their snack stash by giving them guilt-free seaweed or mushroom cracklings from Echo Store. Grab some for yourself, too, in case they love it too much to share.

For the one who’s got a green thumb

Whether it’s for their office desk or for their home, your plant-obsessed associate will welcome another baby to the fold. Choose from a variety of table plants from Nest Plant Studio. They also have larger options if you’re thinking of getting one for your boss or manager.

For the perennial latecomer

Maybe they just need a reminder to come on time? This Miyagi Kawayan watch from Kawayan PH is splash water resistant and comes with a 1-year warranty. No guarantee that your officemate will never be late again but at least they’ll be aware of the time.

For the one who’s always going on VL

Give them the gift of packing ease. These packing cubes from Truest Society come in beautiful patterns and colors. They also come in varying sizes that will fit standard luggage sizes, too. They also have options with window-type covers, so your officemate can see what’s inside their luggage cube without opening them up.

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A fresh set of packing cubes, coming soon 🌻

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For the one who’s always game to do one for the road

You’re always slinging back cold ones at the end of a tiresome work week with this one. Why not introduce some local flavor by way of Tapuey from Proudly Promdi via The Good Store. This traditional Filipino rice wine can be enjoyed by itself on the rocks or mixed with your choice of juice and sweetener for a delicious cocktail. Tagay!

For the one who’s always misplacing their stuff

These multifunctional shrooms from Bags by Rubbertree are quite nifty for organizing your things. Share this with your officemate who can never fish out their pens from their bag or always bugging you for a hair tie (yes, you can use this to tie up your hair, too!).

Whatever you decide to give your co-workers this Christmas, we hope you also share well wishes and good vibes with them. After all, isn’t what the season is all about?