The traditional use for meeting rooms can be considered boring and unimaginative for some. But who says meeting rooms are made just for, well, meetings? We list down some creative uses for a meeting room. Who knows, it just might be the venue you’re looking for.

1. Breakfast pow-wow

Meetings are inevitable in a workplace but why not turn it into something people look forward to rather than dread? If you’ve got a regular update meeting scheduled for early mornings, why not turn it into a breakfast pow-wow? Have easy-to-grab morning chow—think bread rolls, filled pan de sal, and pastries—that people can just help themselves to from a common area? Finish off with a coffee bar, and you’ll have co-workers eager to get together.

2. Workshops

Meeting rooms are great for skill sharing. A resource person can come in and teach a 2 or 3-hour class to the team. This can be a great way to expand your team’s know-how or allow them to explore something that’s not normally on their work to-do list.

3. Exhibitions

If you’re a new artist looking to share your work, an art gallery might be intimidating. A smaller venue like a meeting room (you can rearrange the furniture to keep it from looking like a boardroom) can be the perfect space for your first exhibit!

4. Freelancer mixers

Looking for creatives to tap for a future project? Why not invite them over for a casual mixer? In a way, you’re also helping them network with other creatives while giving you a talent pool for your own work requirements.

5. Pitches

Presenting a pitch can be successful with the help of a controlled environment. With no distractions, you just might get that seal of approval from your prospective investor.

6. Brainstorming and strategic planning

It’s always a good idea to plan ahead and come up with your brand’s strategy for the next year. Ask your team to voice out concerns and let everyone be part of the process.

7. Happy hour

A great way to wind down a work week is to sit back and relax. Foster camaraderie within your team by encouraging out-of-office hangs where you’re not required to talk about work. 

8. Taste test

Are you a newbie baker who’s testing out a batch of recipes before selling them? Why not put together a tasting with a buffet of your goods? With a little bit of styling, you can transform a meeting room into a cozy space that’s inviting.

9. Private screening

All you’ll need is a projector and some popcorn for an intimate film viewing. Maybe it’s time you let people see that short film you’ve been holding on to for years now.

10. Product launches

Don’t be discouraged by small spaces. You can maximize the meeting room by doing your product launch by batch. Have a different group in intervals throughout the day. That way, you give them your undivided attention and you’re able to engage with your clients at a personal level.

What other ways would you use a meeting room? If you’re convinced that meeting rooms aren’t just for meetings, you can inquire about our private office and meeting room in both our Commercenter and One Griffinstone branches. Check out our rates here.